Friday, September 12, 2008

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Business Business-Related Programs - Free Downloads at PHONEslips is a phone message and office information management system
for small professional offices. It handles phone messages, memos,
e-mail, client databases, schedules and to-do lists for everyone in the
office. When messages are sent, the user receives instant notification
at their computer. Messages can be archived and searched in seconds.

Optional PSemail Gateway gives everyone in the office an Internet e-mail
address with just one Internet account.

Optional link to Palm OS, lets you take your messages, address book,
schedule and to-do list out of the office on your handheld organizer.

Optional link to Timeslips links the client records of both programs and
allows the user to generate a time slip while returning a call.

Additional features available when run on a Win95 system.

Special requirements: None.

Demo. Uploaded by the author.

Mark Lawson, Telexis

Categories : Business-Related Programs
Prize :
OS : Microsoft Windows 3.1
Owner : Mark Lawson
File Size : 1.01 Mb
Lisensi : Demo

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Business Business-Related Programs - Free Downloads at

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