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Internet HTML Tools Metatag-Generator 1.11 Free Downloads at Maybe you know - as a developer or designer of homepages for the internet - the following problem: Your homepage changes frequently - but sometimes you forget to update the keywords in the meta-tags of your HTML-code. If that happens, you loose precious point for the ranking or place of your homepage in the search-engines! In fact it is a very dull work, always to remember what has changed in your homepage, which keywords have to be deleted and which one have to be inserted. And much more dull - it can make very much sense to add or delete the same keywords in more than one of the meta-tags in your HTML-code. For sure you are not loving that work, it s not at all creative - and that s, why most homepage-developers don t love to do that!

Now - you will find in the internet so-called meta-tag-generators. But - what is it, what is usually called a meta-tag-generator? You have to tell this wonderful meta-tag-generators every keyword, which you want to add. Then the generator will show you the code, which you can add with paste-and-copy into your HTML-code. That s really not what you would expect from a tool, which should help you to save time and money and help you keeping your earnings on a high level!

Now here you found the solution for your problems: The true automatic meta-tag-generator! The functions of this wonderful tools will convince you:

Automatic analysis of you HTML-files for the keywords and automatic replacing of the meta-tags, which you select only once, in your HTML-files with the keywords in the order of the frequency of their appearing in your HTML-files.

In that way you can also check, whether the keywords, with which you want to be founded from the search-engines, appear in the frequency, which you want.

For every project - project meaning one homepage - you can define a set of properties.

And some more features ...
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Internet HTML Tools Metatag-Generator 1.11 Free Downloads at

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